Experience True Royalty with 16 Stitches’ Luxury Collection from Albini, Italy and Soktas, Turkey!

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How to discover if a fabric has that Piumino feeling?

  • The adventure starts with touch: enough to take hold, smooth over a hand, lay against a cheek.
  • Piumino feeling is a fabric with a silky touch that’s simply unique.
  • The essence of the quality of Piumino feeling starts with the choice of raw materials;
  • only Giza 87, the precious Egyptian cotton controlled
  • with the maximum attention in our own cotton fields.
  • Giza 87 is a guarantee of pleasure that never ends:
  • the quality of garments made with Piumino feeling fabrics do not change over time,
  • in fact every was restores them to their original silkiness,

How does it feel to wear a shirt with Piumino feeling?

  • A sensation of wonderful lightness and the unique pleasure of being wrapped
  • in a fabric made of single fold threads of 100/1 and 120/1, the finest in the world.
  • And Piumino feeling does not accept compromises;
  • is light but on the other hand compact, thanks to its 14,000 ends.

And what characteristics has a Piumino feeling fabric?

  • Piumino feeling is never banal, the designs are sophisticated,
  • the graphics refined, the style versatile.
  • Piumino feeling may be classic, even minimalistic:
  • the 100/1 thread can achieve more subtle stripes, and sharper patterns.
  • Piumino feeling may also have a more contemporary or sporty aspect,
  • but always with the maximum refinement:
  • the colors chosen are elegant, sophisticated, researched.

How to treat a fabric with Piumino feeling?

  • Piumino feeling accepts any sort of treatment:
  • it can be ironed with the maximum care or just simply washed:
  • every day you can choose between a feeling of elegance or informality.

But where does the Piumino feeling come from?

  • From Italy,
  • combined with avant-garde technology to create unique fabrics every day.
  • The Piumino feeling fabrics of Cotonificio Albini.

Book an appointment with our stylist to check out the entire premium range and order your shirts.

TRAVELLING TAILOR *Service available in Mumbai only

  • The Noblesse catalogue is a showcase of their
  • super-premium collections of exclusive classic designs in the
  • finest Egyptian Giza cottons in yarn counts of
  • Ne 300/2, 240/2, 200/2, 170/2 and 140/2.
  • These are the finest shirtings in the world, woven from the finest
  • yarns in the world.
  • The emphasis in this collection is on yarn, weave and craftsmanship
  • in classic styles and colours.
  • These are premium and super-premium cotton
  • shirtings that are designed for the spectrum of formal and informal occasions.
  • A special collection of exclusive designs in classic colours
  • and textures created for customers offering made-to-measure shirts.
  • These are high-end fabrics made from the finest Egyptian Giza cotton,
  • with only the purest and longest fibres selected to be spun into
  • extra-fine yarns.
  • Essentials, luxury fabrics with timeless
  • and elegant designs.
  • Modern Classic, timeless classics with
  • exquisite designs.
  • Showcase, sensational blends in a
  • range of delicate, beautifully executed fabrics
  • in line with current trends.

Book an aapointment with our stylist to check out the entire premium range and order your shirts.

TRAVELLING TAILOR *Service available in Mumbai only

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