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ENAH is a newly launched ethical fashion and lifestyle brand from India, aiming to promote contemporary style statement co-existing with an ethical conscience towards ones culture, society and environment. Ethical fashion is a concept wherein, the end product is created in such a way, that it maximises the benefit to society and minimizes impact on our environment. This is the underlying principle at ENAH when we create any of our products and it is reflected in every aspect of our product right from design, manufacturing, packaging upto the retail stage.


The term 'ETHCIAL FASHION and LIFESTYLE' encompasses several meanings globally. At ENAH we aim to practice more than one of the following ethical criteria's while creating each and every product of ours:

Natural: All ENAH products are made using natural materials like cotton, linen, jute, wood, silk, bamboo et cetera. Natural fabrics, made from naturally grown fibres are very comfortable to the human skin unlike the man-made synthetic fibres, which use petrochemical raw-materials, causing carcinogenic diseases. ENAH also attempts to use as many eco-friendly trims and accessories as possible, in most of its products. Natural materials are most commonly decomposable, thus reducing impact on our environment.
Recycled: Efficient production waste management methods are practised at our in-house manufacturing set-up. Several creative handy products are made using left-over fabric and production left-overs. The packaging is also done using recycled paper and decomposable plastic bags, keeping the impact on the environment to the minimum
Handcrafted: ENAH's creation translates traditional Indian arts and crafts into contemporary stylish products. Our apparels use several traditional hand-craft techniques like hand block printing and hand embroideries et cetera. This way we are attempting to do our minimum possible to sustain and promote traditional Indian art and craft, which is sadly vanishing in face of mass con00000000sumerism and industrialization.
Handwoven: Some of ENAH's fabrics like linen, cotton linen, cotton silk, pure silk are intricately woven by hand in the remote regions of India. Handwoven fabric had a particular texture and form which is a characteristic of its design and weaving technique, providing maximum comfort and breathability to the wearer.
Organic: ENAH has special range of organic cotton and bamboo merchandise. Organic fabric is produced without the use of any chemicals and fertilizers or any genetic modification to the crop. ENAH also often uses organic dyes for printing which are made from vegetable and mineral sources, which is a traditional method of dye color extraction.
Ethically made: ENAH ensures ethical working conditions for all its employees, suppliers and consumers, assuring them a fair share in all the deals, thus creating a long term relationship with all its valuable stake holders.
Eco-friendly: We have special apparel ranges that use dyes for colouring that either natural, chemical low impact dyes or AZO-free chemical dyes. Organic or natural dyes are traditional extracted from vegetable and mineral resources and are skin friendly and cause minimum harming to the environment.


ENAH is exclusively designed and marketed by Ace Lifestyles E-Retail Pvt. Ltd., Navi Mumbai. All ENAH products are exclusively manufactured at its in-house manufacturing facilities in Navi Mumbai. Since we have our own manufacturing set-up, we have definite control over our quality and our supply chain.

Design Identity

The fabrics we use are created out of a need and a desire to transcend the traditional offerings of an unsustainable marketplace. They're developed and chosen for their ability to move and perform, for their comfort and luxurious hand, their surprising beauty and unexpected utility, for their durability and drape, for their freedom and function. But most of all, they are created for their ability to leave the least environmental impact from beginning to end.